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Working with a Small Business Coach

Every high level sports champion has a coach and this is regarded as normal and expected behaviour to help them to achieve their highest potential. Why then do business people often think in the highly complex world of business they do not need the help that a coach can provide. So if you consider just as a sports coach helps an athlete to maximise their potential, a small business coach works directly with you to bring out the best that’s already inside you. Small business coaching, focuses on the big picture, your vision and goals, both business and personal and how you can achieve them. The business coaching we do together, is solely focused on developing YOU to achieve your highest potential which is paramount to you also developing your business. We will provide you with a sounding board for your ideas and concerns, we wil encourage you, we will support you, and we will stretch you. We will help you to identify the areas in your business that are not working and we will always be honest with you whether you want to hear it or not. We will not pander to you but we will encourage you to perserve and succeed.


What Does a Small Business Coach Work on with You?small business coaching

      • Accountability
      • Business and Personal Vision
      • Planning
      • Business structure
      • Implementation
      • Focus
      • Providing Clarity, Confidence and Certainty to business decison making
      • Time Management
      • Motivation
      • Limiting beliefs
      • Sales and Follow up
      • Overwhelm
      • Business Education
      • Overcoming Fears and Self-sabotage

The overall result of small business coaching is that you get to plan the business that you want and then work to that plan to make it a reality. You and the small business coach become the “board of directors” or “senior management team” and guide the business along the route determined in the plan. Small business coaching helps you grow your business through professional and personal development, which promotes continuous growth and strength. Take the Self-test to see if you’re ready for  small business coaching. In a nutshell, it asks, “Are you ready to grow and change, in order to create the business outcomes you want?”

by Lorraine Brooks
SBC-button-revised-e1421116138151 To get started we offer a free 30-minute telephone/Skype conversation or one on one appointment at your premises to determine if small business consulting and coaching is right for you and your business. Call today to arrange an appointment: +61 409 177 009 or send an email. enquiries@strategicbusinesscoaching.net.au

What Clients Say..

Gary Quin
Brisbane Quarries

What Clients Say..

“Jackie & I started at the worst possible time of year in October, just before Xmas rush in the Hospitality Industry. In a short span since then we have improved on last Dec 2013, and had a record breaking Jan 2014. We feel this is in large part due to Lorraine’s Coaching. It would be easy to say we are too busy, but she is very motivational and always thinks outside the square and keeps us running. We now have so many Systems in place or nearing implementation in only 4 months.”

Jackie & Geoff Balmforth Belair Park Country Club.

What Clients Say

Peter Hansen
Anastasia's of Broome

What Clients Say

“It was great to speak with you today. Thank you for your brilliant coaching and support. ”

Aldwyn Altuney AA Xpose Media

What Clients Say..

Kim Kershaw
Owner- Kim Kershaw Finance Solutions