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What Our Clients Say..

Anderson Plumbing -Joanna Neale

“We will always be grateful for the expert knowledge and guidance that Rob and Lorraine extended throughout the time that they worked with us. Our business was in a growth phase that we were struggling to manage. From the beginning Lorraine and Rob strategically worked with us to develop systems and procedures that kept our business moving forward. They held us accountable and gave us the tools we needed to develop ourselves and change our mindset for success – this wasn’t always easy, however knowing that Lorraine and Rob had our backs and cared about our success, made it possible. Rob and Lorraine have an extensive knowledge of what makes a business successful. They coached us in the area of sales, marketing, human resources, management, financial control and strategic planning. Working with Lorraine and Rob ultimately created growth and success which we never believed that we were capable of both professionally and personally. Warning: Do not work with Lorraine and Rob unless you want massive results.”

Kelly Royal - Kelly Royal Landscape Architect

“I have been working with Lorraine and Rob as my business coaches for several months now with the primary business objective in engaging them to focus on business growth. Lorraine and Rob’s expertise in business is immediately recognisable. They have been able to offer advice from a practiced business background which has been invaluable in redirecting my business focus.
They have unlocked areas of the business which i hadn’t considered, seeing opportunities which were not in view previously. Translating into new revenue avenues. Lorraine and Rob are always available and respond immediatley to sos calls. To have the support behind me and someone to discuss business direction is invaluable. They are genuinely engaged in the grow of my business”

Resource Recoveries & Recycling-Cameron

“Lorraine and Robert are as determined as a kid learning to ride a bike. They have excelled in every aspect of the projects we have been completing. We have to thank both Lorraine and Robert for their commitment to us and our company. They are extremely passionate life and business coaches and they motivate you to get the job done. I can honestly say that without their support we wouldn’t have completed anywhere near as much as we have.


A massive thank-you to both Lorraine and Robert.“

Kim Kershaw Finance Solutions -Kim Kershaw

“I have known Robert & Lorraine personally and professionally for almost 20 years. Collectively they possess a high level of knowledge and expertise across a wide range of industries and business sectors.

Their achievement focus through strategic, yet practical planning has been an invaluable resource in implementing new marketing programs, recruitment, IT, processes & systems, amongst many others, for my business that is in an aggressive growth phase.

Their ‘down to earth’ nature is at times perplexing as their focus on driving results for my business sees them being upfront at times, as their success is a direct correlation of the success that I enjoy.”

Diamante Events -Lisa Morris

“I have to give both Lorraine and Robert a massive thank you. They have been there for me from the beginning and genuinely care about my success. Their wealth of knowledge and expertise across such a wide range of businesses has helped my business to have amazing results and a massive increase in sales. There is so much to learn about having a successful business and they have guided me all the way with changing my focus and applying different strategies. They keep me motivated and their support and encouragement has kept me going when things get overwhelming. They are down to earth, positive people who are committed to my success.I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Lorraine and Robert and would strongly recommend working with them.”

Belair Park Country Club -Jackie & Geoff Balmforth

“Jackie & I started at the worst possible time of year in October, just before Xmas rush in the Hospitality Industry. In a short span since then we have improved on last Dec 2013, and had a record breaking Jan 2014. We feel this is in large part due to Lorraine’s Coaching. It would be easy to say we are too busy, but she is very motivational and always thinks outside the square and keeps us running. We now have so many Systems in place or nearing implementation in only 4 months.”

Aldwyn Altuney AA Xpose Media

“It was great to speak with you today.

Thank you for your brilliant coaching and support.”