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How Does Small Business Coaching Work?

For Small Business Coaching to be successful there needs to be a mutually respectful relationship between the Business Owner and the Small Business Coach. Before we work together it is important for both of us to begin establishing this relationship. Therefore, before we commence the small business coaching program it is vital we meet either at your premises or on Skype for 30 – 45 minutes to see if coaching is right for you. Once we have established that Small Business Coaching is appropriate for you and most importantly it can add value to your business. The first coaching session is usually between 2 – 3 hours really getting to know you and your business and what you want to achieve. The business coaching is to benefit you, so we need to ensure that we focus on the things that are most important. We have clients in virtually every Australian State and it really doesn’t matter where you live as the results we achieve by using Skype are the same as if we had our meetings in your office. We do like to visit our interstate clients in their business premises during the first six months if it is practicable.

What do we cover in a Small Business Coaching Session?

Although most businesses are very similar; small business owners often have different areas they need assistance with first. It is for this reason that we spend a significant amount of time in the first small business coaching session to really understand each individual business and allow us to help prioritise. business coaching Melbourne All successful entrepreneurs have a plan and goals. To get the best from our clients we work with them on their own plan and goals both business and personal. Once you know where you want to go, we will help you get there. Each small business coaching session is designed to address the immediate day to day issues that are impacting your business and the things or actions that need to be taken to get closer to the long term plan and goals.  We like to focus on the areas of opportunity or untapped potential to help bring you the faster results. The small business coaching sessions are either at your business or speaking together on the phone. At the end of each session we post comprehensive notes about what has been discussed and the tasks for the week on your own individual online coaching portal, accessible by only you and any staff member you choose.  This area houses all communication and documents. Being Cloud based it can be accessed from your home, office or the beach!  In essence we look at:

  • Where you and the business are going.
  • What, if anything, is stopping you.
  • What future are you looking to create long term.

We expect you to commit to a regular schedule. We commit to understanding what you need to know for improving your business operation, and help you realise YOUR goals and dreams.

Here’s what really counts

Our connection is really an encouraging collaboration, being the key to success. I am here to back you up, produce strategies, motivate you to create a plan, and be rid of any obstacles. Collectively we assist you to advance towards your defined objectives.

Let me explain about business coaching

Coaching in essence is about training or education and focusing on striving towards your key objectives. Coaching is about moving towards your goals. We look at both personal and business goals.  In usual circumstances it is a combination of both. The outcome is to give you back the time you deserve.

Is There Weekly Task Setting?

We do set weekly tasks after each business coaching session! Our weekly business coaching sessions are extremely focused and productive to move you forward. During each business coaching session we will review your goals and formulate what needs to be achieved for the ongoing week. This will offer deep insight, motivation and action towards your primary objectives.

Is The Coaching Part Of A Plan?

Our weekly sessions are only a component of your planned Business Coaching. We agree goals with you for each year and break these down into 90 Day Plans that help you achieve your 12 month goals. Our weekly sessions are geared to help you take the action to accomplish these tasks. Apart from your weekly tasks we will discuss books and/or audio books for you to consider and read. To assist our clients we have a “Recommended Reading” page which lists books and Audio CD’s that we have used ourselves and recommend. The items can be purchased directly from this page. Click Here. Availability to you includes unlimited telephone calls and emails between session appointments. If you have a Win or a Loss you’d like to share, I’m always here for you!

What Is The Commitment Required?

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit” Aristotle. Consider this, if we were able to change habits instantly life would be flawless! The proven reality is habits are changed over time. Our business coaching to you is over a 12 month period or longer. Whatever it takes! If you’re really dedicated to your vision, then you’ll be committed to investing this time to achieve your goals.

Small Business Coaching Confidentiality

As your Business Coach, full client confidentiality will be maintained and is guaranteed. I honour the client’s confidence and do not discuss our coaching sessions with others. Both parties agree to a foundation of honesty, trust and respect, and understand that your ultimate well-being is the central focus of the small business coaching relationship.

by Lorraine Brooks
SBC-button-revised-e1421116138151 To get started we offer a free 30-minute telephone/Skype conversation or one on one appointment at your premises to determine if small business consulting and coaching is right for you and your business. Call today to arrange an appointment: +61 409 177 009 or send an email. enquiries@strategicbusinesscoaching.net.au

What Clients Say..

Gary Quin
Brisbane Quarries

What Clients Say..

“Jackie & I started at the worst possible time of year in October, just before Xmas rush in the Hospitality Industry. In a short span since then we have improved on last Dec 2013, and had a record breaking Jan 2014. We feel this is in large part due to Lorraine’s Coaching. It would be easy to say we are too busy, but she is very motivational and always thinks outside the square and keeps us running. We now have so many Systems in place or nearing implementation in only 4 months.”

Jackie & Geoff Balmforth Belair Park Country Club.

What Clients Say

Peter Hansen
Anastasia's of Broome

What Clients Say

“It was great to speak with you today. Thank you for your brilliant coaching and support. ”

Aldwyn Altuney AA Xpose Media

What Clients Say..

Kim Kershaw
Owner- Kim Kershaw Finance Solutions