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A business coach that is a website designer? Is this a strange combination? You may think so, but on closer inspection it is logical. A business coach is there to help you optimise your business and the internet is highly cost effective way of doing this. When looking at website design my focus is not on what looks glitzy and glamorous! My focus for my clients is on what gets leads and converts leads into sales. I say this not only because it is true but also because I buy and sell website businesses as investments, and I have learnt what is a good website and what is a bad site.  In the process of buying and selling sites I have come across numerous sites built by different website designers from all across the world. My first business website, built by a website designer looked sensational, but it was built for show and ego, and not for work. The site that you have visited I built and it is designed to provide prospective clients with the information to know what I do and to make a decision whether what I offer is right for them. It is designed so that people can make an informed choice and nobody’s time is wasted. Sites must be easy to navigate around, clearly articulate what they are about and MOST importantly be relevant to the client’s search. Google’s stated objective is for people who search on Google to be provided the most relevant and recent information to help them make a decision. When you think about it isn’t that what you want when you search? Does your site provide this? If the answer is either NO or I don’t have a site then we need to chat. It is obviously not quite as simple as this, but it is a great place to start.


web1 (4)If you are looking to have your existing website redesigned or need a new website please visit our website design company http://www.websitedesignergroup.com .


SBC-button-revised-e1421116138151 To get started we offer a free 30-minute telephone/Skype conversation or one on one appointment at your premises to determine if small business consulting and coaching is right for you and your business. Call today to arrange an appointment: +61 409 177 009 or send an email. enquiries@strategicbusinesscoaching.net.au

What Clients Say

Michelle Patterson
Balloonaversal Entertainment

What Clients Say..

Gary Quin
Brisbane Quarries

What Clients Say..

“Jackie & I started at the worst possible time of year in October, just before Xmas rush in the Hospitality Industry. In a short span since then we have improved on last Dec 2013, and had a record breaking Jan 2014. We feel this is in large part due to Lorraine’s Coaching. It would be easy to say we are too busy, but she is very motivational and always thinks outside the square and keeps us running. We now have so many Systems in place or nearing implementation in only 4 months.”

Jackie & Geoff Balmforth Belair Park Country Club.

What Clients Say

“It was great to speak with you today. Thank you for your brilliant coaching and support. ”

Aldwyn Altuney AA Xpose Media

What Clients Say..

Kim Kershaw
Owner- Kim Kershaw Finance Solutions